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Halle 16, Stand F52
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Bancor SRL

Via Vanvitelli 44
20129 Milan
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Fax: +39 02 2362992


Herr Ing. Simone Piazza
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Telefon: +39 02 2664215
Herr Ing. Hamza Ayed
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Telefon: +39 02 2664215
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Biometric Signature Tablet

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Your ideal remote banking lector for the remote deposit capture for your clients. Not only check but all documents. RBL 1000 combines features affordable cost of ownership combined with best market quality, including high-quality dual-sided image capture, and the best MICR and OCR reading technologies. One-button ...weiterlesen


With more than thirty year of experience in the field, bancor releases an innovative new generation of high performance scanning platform for automatic and distributed electronic management of documents. Lector K2s helpt to greatly reduce back office operations allowing you to reach a fast Return ...weiterlesen


With more than thiry year of experience in the field, bancor releases a new series of ATM readers: BSC A4 and BSC A6 are devices with a new ad revolutionary performance for and automatic electronic management of documents directly at your kiosk, self-service systems or ATM Optimized Electronic Management Images, ...weiterlesen

Bancor Printer2

BPR2 is the dot matrix printer designed to provide high speed, reliability and high performance for solutions for you front office. BPR2 is a professional multifunctional printer for front office to print on single documents, multiple-and on any passbook. bancor thanks to more than 30 years of ...weiterlesen

Booklet Dispenser

A new Dispenser. bancor Booklet Dispenser allows new functionality directly at the automatic teller machine thankt to the ability to dispense booklet, vouchers and more directly at the ATM and/or Kiosk without having to stop at the counter. BBD is a patented solution.weiterlesen

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